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Children First Lewisham

About us

Children First Lewisham was established in April 2002 to help children and young people whose health, education or social needs are special.

Prompted by the emerging vision of a new centre - later to become Kaleidoscope which opened in November 2006 - we wanted to add to that vision by helping parents and children play a part in the development plans of centre, by raising funds to add value to the centre ensuring a family-centred approach to service provision and a child-centred atmosphere in the physical environment.

baby small“With the birth of a child come the hopes and aspirations of the parents of that child. An emerging concern about the child’s development may threaten those hopes. A confirmed disability may shatter the dream. Parents have to face the new reality; family life must be positive and new dreams can be created.”
Life can be very stressful for parents of children with multiple needs. Coping with diagnosis, finding out about available services and accessing care can be worrying and difficult. They face many social and physical barriers to enable their full participation in society.

boyChildren First Lewisham aims to enhance the environment of support, care and friendliness associated with Kaleidoscope - Lewisham Centre for Children and Young People* - the first centre of its kind in the UK.
At Kaleidoscope services are available to Lewisham children and young people on a single site, accessed through a single front door.
Children First Lewisham aims to make the experience of accessing services really special by providing those extras which the statutory bodies cannot provide.

Any child can have a range of disabilities and developmental disorders.
Any family can be affected, regardless of their circumstances.
You will be helping all these children in Lewisham.
Children First Lewisham supports children and their families in ways outlined in our Aims and Objectives