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Children First Lewisham

Charity aims & objectives

CFL’s updated objectives were agreed at the June 2008 Trustees ordinary meeting.

Our overall charitable aim remain the same: ‘To support by charitable means the work of Kaleidoscope and the families and voluntary sector organisations working together for the children and young people who use the services provided there’.

Our updated objectives are as follows:

1 To promote the relationship between parents and services at Kaleidoscope and to enhance parent and child experience in using services
2 To benefit children and their families who have additional needs by supportive actions not otherwise funded by the statutory sector
3 To support the professionals based at Kaleidoscope in their work
4 To develop closer links with the Lewisham voluntary sector

[* The service users are children and young people with additional needs including learning, behavioural or mental health difficulties, physical, sensory, communication or other disabilities, and their families]