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Children First Lewisham


What we have supported - [see below for how to apply]

Children First Lewisham has supported our charitable aims in many different ways.
The majority of our grants but by no means all support children, young people and their families who have contact with Kaleidoscope in one way or another.

CFL has provided specialist equipment for particular groups:
* Funding for the Teachers for children with visual impairment to buy additional equipment for children with visually impairment.
* Developmental Toys for use in the Developmental Vision Clinic
* We funded a music workshop for children with hearing impairment (2013)

CFL has supported young people with visual or hearing impairment through funding projects organised by the Sensory Teacher Team, based at Kaleidoscope.
The most recent project was a very successful Colourscape Day where 300 families with children who have a sensory impairment (vision, hearing or multisensory) were invited to an exciting family day (1st October 2016). 'Colourscape constructed a huge structure filled with colour and music suitable for all ages and their staff ran music workshops. Our children and their families experienced colour, sound and music in a unique way ... a lovely opportunity to meet each other and the team in a relaxed setting'.
CFL has also funded regularly theatre trips for both visually impaired and hearing impaired children & young people. One such trip was to experience Warhorse and included a back-stage visit.

CFL has paid to refurbish the soft play area including new play equipment in Reception on the ground floor at Kaleidoscope (2013).

soft play reception

CFL has provided approximately £2,000 to Lewisham Toy Library to fund annual subscriptions to the toy library for some parents and their children and to purchase special toys enjoyed by and important for children with sensory impairment (hearing or vision impairment).

In collaboration with the Frank Buttle Trust CFL has provided significant support in small grants to children and their families as emergencies arise - a total of £10,000

A major area of CFL'S work is supporting the families of children/young people in Lewisham who use Kaleidoscope.

- CFL has supported SIGNAL, a Lewisham family support group on autism, annually up to 2016.
Contact a Family has provided therapy classes for parents and carers with the support of CFL.
- Funding from CFL pays for essential administrative support which allows the Kaleidoscope User Group to carry out its work.
- In 2014 we funded Contact-a-Family to buy furniture for the Parent Resource Area in Kaleidoscope
- We have supported the excellent work of Lewisham Autism Support.
- Lewisham Portage Service has also received grants

In 2014 CFL provided a grant to support access to Trinity Laban Dance for children with movement disorders

Staff at Kaleidoscope also receive grants for example we helped a specialist speech and language therapist in autism contribute to an important international conference in China.

Grants have totalled close to £40K over 6 years

Apply for a grant

CFL supports a range of activities and requests

Some of the things we support are described above and our Aims & Objectives explain the purpose of our charity.

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